21 oktober 2016

Zaterdag 12 november

Van Merwijk's Music Machine • Cuban Golden Classics

"interpretation of the rich cuban repertoire with a personal and contemporary approach"

Drummer Lucas van Merwijk has been playing cuban music for many years mainly in large ensembles such as his 20 piece Cubop City Big Band and Nueva Manteca.

In this years edition of his Music Machine he chose an intimate setting and found cuban master pianist Ramon Valle to join him.

Together with Thelonious Monk Award winner Ilja Reijngoud on trombone and rapidly up and coming bass talent Adinda Meertins they interpret the rich cuban repertoire with a personal and contemporary approach.

Drummer, percussionist and bandleader Lucas van Merwijk has been at the forefront of the European jazz, latin and percussion scene for 25 years. He was elected 'Best Jazz Drummer' in the Benelux countries by the readers of De Slagwerkkrant many times running between the years 1993 and 2013 and has won the prestigious Global Act Award 2010 for his work in the World Music field.

The Music

A selection of Cuba’s best known songs like La Comparsa, Tres Lindas Cubanas, A Mi Que, Mi Guarija Con Tumbao, Chan Chan are put in a different perspective with this groups adventurous interpretations.

The group features the finest latin and latin/jazz musicians and provides plenty of room for their solistic ability.



Carlo de Wijs

Hi, I’m Carlo de Wijs! I started to play the electronic organ at the age of 7 and fell in love with the Hammond organ at 12.

After studying at the Rotterdam Conservatory I became a professional musician and did a lot of concerts worldwide during the eighties and nineties.

I built my own studio in the beginning of 2000 and developed myself as producer.

At the Codarts University for the Arts I worked for more than 12 years as education developer and manager of the pop & jazz departments. In the meantime my personal ambition was to think about the future of the Hammond organ and align innovation besides the tradition as a natural process.

My good old Hammond B3 was customized with several new technologies, but especially the development of a true modular Hammond tonewheel based organ in which modern digital technology and analog vintage gear interact together became reality just a few years ago. 

This Hammond acts like a multi-user-interface and explores new sounds, new playing techniques and interactions with other art disciplines.

I’m proud to got granted by the Dutch government of Education, Culture and Science for a PhD study at the Erasmus University in Rotterdam. My research will be about the micro dynamics of musical innovation, history and future of the Hammond organ. 

I’m glad to have several partnerships like with the Hammond Suzuki Corporation, Stingray Music and other creative industry members, co-developers, education institutes and mediapartners. We've the ambition to build an international Hammond community through the HammondSongbook.com and Hammondsound.com platforms.

New music will be published, live and studio projects appear, lectures and education content will be developed.

In a series of stories and video's I will share my New Hammond trip with you and will tell about its establishment. In other series I’ll tune in to Hammond specific topics and playing techniques.

I hope you will be interested and invite you to join, react, contribute and be involved in all these future activities. Hear from you soon!